1. All players have to be at least 13 years old, be physically located in Europe. Exceptions at admins discretion.
      2. All participants must be actively enrolled in a university or school and send a proof to any CVRE EU admin if requested. Alumni are accepted up to three years past graduation.
      3. A team can only consist of players from the same university/school. Exception: If a university/school does not have enough players for a full team they are allowed temporary substitutes from another University. As soon as enough players are available the team has to consist of players from the same University as soon as the next season starts. A season can be finished with substitutes from another university to avoid team changes during a season.
      4. All players are required to join the CVRE EU Discord and use a nickname in the following format: „First name, Nickname | University“
    1. All broadcasting rights are owned by CVRE EU. This includes but is not limited to: video streams (e.g. PoV-streams), clips, replays, demos or TV broadcasts.
    2. CVRE EU has the right to award broadcasting rights for one or multiple matches to a third party or the participants themselves. In such cases, the broadcasts must have been arranged with an admin before the start of the match.
    3. All teams must permit League sanctioned spectators or casters access to official matches. Teams cannot refuse to have their matches broadcasted.
    1. Definition: A protest can be used to discuss problems that affect the outcome of a match.
    2. Responsible Person: Protests have to be issued by the player itself or in case of a team by the team captain.
    3. Deadline for a Protest: The latest time that participants are allowed to issue a match protest is the earliest of the following:
      1. 24  hours after the scheduled starting time of the match
      2. The beginning of the next match for either of the participants. 
    4. Contents of a Protest: The protest must contain detailed info about why the protest was filed, how the discrepancy came to be and when the discrepancy occurred. A protest may be declined if proper documentation is not presented. A simple „they are cheating“ will not do.

Insults and flaming are strictly prohibited in a protest, and may result in a penalty or the protest being ruled against the insulting party.

Consequences of a Protest: Admins decide about the consequences of a protest like replays, punishments etc.

Cheating in any way results in immediate disqualification from the league. The punishment of minor offenses lies in the discretion of the admins. Harassment and unsportsmanship behavior will be punished at admins discretion.

All participants are forbidden from placing bets on any games, matches or tournaments involving CVRE.

Any cheating, exploiting, or contravention of the foregoing rules must be brought to the attention of the Admins. 


    1. Cheating is intended to include the intentional or reckless manipulation of the game and its code in such a way as to confer an unfair advantage on one side or the other.
    2. The term exploit is intended to include the intentional or reckless triggering of code, attribute or function in game that is otherwise not envisaged as a legitimate feature of the game.
    3. Any use of the spectate function by participants during official matches, either directly or indirectly, to obtain an advantage of any kind is classified as cheating.
    4. Any use of external media streaming (stream sniping) or use of external voice communication systems which pertains to the circumstances, content or any facts arising from the match is classified as cheating.
    1. Contravention of any of the foregoing rules shall be sanctionable on review by Admins
    2. Admins reserve the right to void any match or challenge after it has been played.
    3. Failure to comply with a request for match VODs, stream links or any other item covered in the above rules will disqualify a player or team from participating in any further League events until they deemed compliant by the Admins
    4. In the event of a conflict of interest, affected Admins shall recuse themselves from relevant decision-making.
    5. Sending/linking any illegal or harmful material, disclosing another player’s personal information, or attempting to circumvent bans or punishments enforced by admins will result in immediate removal from the server and disqualification from League participation.

The League reserves the right to modify any previous rules at any time. Any violation of the above Rules will result in punishment by CVRE however the League sees fit.

    1. Mods listed have to be installed. No other mods are allowed.
    2. All maps have to be downloaded in advance to avoid delays. 
    3. Players have to join a discord call with an admin/broadcasting coordinator. 
    4. Players must stream every match  and meet the following criteria within their game:
        1. First person view
        2. Game audio must be captured
        3. No microphone audio during matches allowed 
        4. Personalization with overlays in the lower corners with small, non-intrusive elements allowed. 
        5. Streams must have an HTTP Overlay
    1. Seasonal Format

      1. Solo player tournament: matches are played 1 vs. 1
      2. A season contains qualifiers, 3 monthly double elimination tournaments and finals. Dates and times will be announced on discord.
      3. The tournament bracket and seeding for the first tournament in a season will be decided by qualifiers, which will consist of three maps. 
        1. Every player from every school must play these qualifier songs.
        2. If a player fails to play the qualifiers he may receive the worst available matchmaking rating.
      4. Points: In the first 3 tournaments will be given by placement:
          • 0 points for getting out in LR1
          • 1 point for getting out in LR2
          • 2 points for getting out in LR3
          • 3 points for getting out in LR4
          • 4 points for getting out in LR5
          • 5 points for third place
          • 7 points for second place
          • 9 points for first place
      1. The point distribution above will be stretched accordingly to the count of participating players.
      2. The seeding for the grand finals will be determined by points gained in the monthly tournaments.                                                                                                                 
    1. Match Settings

      1. All maps have to be played on NO FAIL
      2. Any settings that are able to be changed through the game are allowed (ex. Room adjust, static lights, reduced debris, advanced hud, etc.).
      3. Settings not covered here which could affect a maps difficulty in any way have to be set to default.
      4. If a player fails to set the right settings before a match his score is suspect to be nullified at admins discretion
    1. Match-ups are announced on Discord in the announcement channel.
    2. All players have to stream their match according to the criteria in 1.4.
    3. Before a tournament starts an admin moderating the tournament has to be notified on which channel the matches will be broadcasted.
    4. After a map is played the players must show their score on stream long enough to allow the coordinator to note the scores. 

The stream has to continue until an admin confirms the score and confirms the end of the stream.

    1. A Team in Beat Saber consists out of one main player and may have multiple substitutes.
    2. A single match cannot be played by multiple players.
    1. Technical Issues
      1. Teams are responsible for any of their own technical issues, including hardware, software, or internet issues.
      2. In the case of a technical issue during a map the player may gain one additional attempt, given that the technical issue can be identified in his stream through an admin.                                                                                                                                                                                          
    2. Forfeits

Players have a 15 minutes buffer from the scheduled map start time to be ready. After the buffer has elapsed, the player that is not ready (or responsible for the delay) forfeits the map. We advice to publicly contact the other team on discord as proof for being ready.

    1. Appliance of general rules
      1. All rules mentioned in this section may also apply to the Qualifiers if not stated otherwise by the rules listed below.
        A short-termed change of rules mentioned in our Discord server may overwrite any of the rules given above.
        (For the current Qualifiers please rely on the channel #specific-infos)

Tournament: A tournament consists out of multiple matches

Match: Each match consists of a set number of maps. The map count per match will be announced in Discord. 

logo echo arena
  1. Seasonal Format
    1. Will be announced soon!
  2. Match Settings
    1. Will be announced soon!
  3. Teams
    1. Teams consist of 3 players.
    2. Up to 2 Substitutes can be part of the team
    1. Match-ups are announced on Discord in the announcement channel.
    2. If a match is broadcasted teams have to be ready 15 minutes in advance and invite the caster.
      1. The host switches between matches unless the teams agree on a different procedure.
    1. Technical Issues 
        1. Teams are responsible for any of their own technical issues, including hardware, software, or internet issues!
        2. Substitutes can be used at any time if a player is not able to continue but they are not allowed in the arena until they are needed. 
        3. Between rounds, a maximum timeout of 5 minutes can be requested once by a team, no minimum but largest requested time wins (ie. Team 1 wants a 3 minute break, and Team 2 wants to start immediately. Both teams take a 3 minute break)
        4. Procedure in case of technical issues:
            1. In the event of a technical issue, players can press the restart button after the next goal. If the restart button is not pressed before the countdown has finished and the teams have launched, play will continue until the next conceded goal or until 45 seconds have elapsed (whichever comes first) at which point play will stop.
            2. A restart can only be requested once per round. Admins may allow more restarts for season finals. In case of further issues the players must decide to either continue the round with the players they have left or forfeit the round.
            3. The round continues if the issues aren’t resolved within 5 minutes.
            4. The match will be continued following these steps:
              1. Set the time to what the timer shows after the last goal or when the 45 seconds passed.
              2. Set the disc position to the team that was last scored on.
              3. Start the match and continue normally.
            5. If a player dropped but is able to rejoin the match they can do so at any time.
    2. Forfeits
      1. Teams have a 15 minutes buffer from the scheduled match start time to be in the game lobby with their team members. After the buffer has elapsed, the team that is not ready (or responsible for the delay) forfeits the first round. We advice to publicly contact the other team on discord as proof for being ready.
      2. If a further 15 minutes elapses without match commencement, the offending team is officially declared a ’no-show‘ and default win will be awarded to their opponent.
      3. Teams can use substitutes from other Universities to play a match if no substitute from their own University is available. If they can’t find a substitute, they are allowed to play with a minimum of two players. Less players result in a forfeit.